Why Choosing The Brightest Flashlight is So Critical!!

Powerful Tactical Flashlight

Before getting into the technical details of the best tactical flashlight for you to carry, I wanted to tell you a story. Let's say that it is nighttime. You and a close friend are on your way to see a show, and you are in a part of town that you aren’t all that familiar with. You are having a great evening, and the two of you are laughing as you are on your way to see a show. Unexpectedly your laughter is broken when a stranger pulls the two of you into an alley. Holding your friend in an aggressive choke hold, he demands money as he pulls out a knife. You can see the blade reflect in the moonlight and he begins to speak even more aggressively.

At this critical moment, you simply reach into your pocket and turn your flashlight onto “strobe” and shine it directly into his face disorienting him enough to allow you and your friend to escape unharmed. These types of situations are rare to happen, but knowing you have a device which can help you get out of harm's way, will be a boost of confidence to you with also the assuredly it wouldn’t be a weapon to be used against you as a hand gun could. There are also many places in the US and around the world, where carrying a concealed firearm is against the law, and you could end up in jail. Conversely, there is not a law in any state or country that I am aware of that does not allow for a concealed flashlight to be carried, because, well, it’s a flashlight!

In this article, a discussion of the different elements you should look for in a flashlight and why buying a tactical flashlight is the right way for you to go. Why? It will help you in nearly EVERY problem situation you find yourself into, and it is always better to be prepared than going a cheaper route and wishing you had bought the right flashlight at a time in your life when you need it most.

Let’s Start from the Basics - What Is A Tactical Flashlight?

This is the flashlight you want, trust me. A tactical flashlight is much different than the flashlights you grew up with and even the ones you have now sitting in the drawer in your kitchen. They are much brighter than the traditional flashlights, due to the advanced LED technology. Instead of using hardened plastic or rubber for the construction of the flashlight, tactical flashlights are designed with aerospace grade aluminum. This gives them superior durability and being lightweight. They can also withstand drops onto concrete and can handle high impact stress. High grade tactical flashlights will be waterproof enabling to operate in any weather conditions (don’t rely on the manufacturers statement make sure your flashlight has an O ring seal on the battery side and on the LED side) and small enough so that they can easily fit in your pocket without being uncomfortable when you sit down. Some will even come with an integrated belt clip so you can place it on your belt enabling you to easily operate it at time of need.

out door beam - Brightex - Tactical led flashlight

Who Makes The Brightest LED Flashlight?

Trying to find the best and brightest flashlight in the world out of so many brands - can be a real pain, and in particular when looking at tactical LED flashlights. You can easily spend hours researching lights and walk away feeling like you haven’t gotten anywhere. A big part of finding the best and brightest tactical lights is knowing what to look for in a light because it helps you narrow down your choices. But, even knowing what to look for leaves you with quite a few lights to consider, so here are some simple guidelines that will easily guide you to finding your perfect flashlight.

Brightness! - Beware of Marketing Techniques and False Statements

So, you want to arm yourself with the brightest tactical flashlight. But how do you differentiate the good lights from the garbage? These are sometimes difficult to detect because the messages are often very well done and sound very convincing. We are also a product of a society who has drilled into our heads that “bigger is always better.” For example, one of the key attributes of a flashlight is how bright it is, correct? You would think that the stated lumens output a flashlight has would reflect how bright it is.

“Oh wow,” you say, “this flashlight has 2,000 lumens. Therefore, it must be the brightest and best flashlight on the market. I’ll buy this one.” Well the unfortunate reality is that most of these flashlights bragging about 2,000 lumens, or even 1,000 lumens only use a single T6 LED so it is technically impossible for the flashlight to reach those levels, so if you're lucky – you'll get about 300-350 Lumens tops from a T6.

But I don't get it! "this flashlight is the brightest ever” I've read in some reviews. Well as a matter of fact these reviews are right - when comparing those flashlights to traditional flashlights that usually only have 50 lumens or so. Also what most people don't realize is that with a REAL 600-700 Lumen tactical light they would be able to do stuff they wouldn't even dream doing with their currently supposedly ultra bright flashlights.

Since so many brands use misleading advertising tactics with fake brightness images and lumen power claims, how would you know you're not falling down into another smartly advertised trap?

Finally, An Independent 3rd Party Lab Test Report is the Best

As already noted, there are so many flashlight brands that come up with outrageous lumen power claims. Some claim 1000+ lumens, some even 2000 lumens and more.

So the best way to make sure is simply ask the supply to give you lumen lab test results?

Knowing what the REAL lumen values are before purchasing a given flashlight

Here's what you should do after reading a given brand's claim regarding the lumen output you should expect from their flashlight:

First, simply check which Cree LED they are using

  • The XML Q5 LED - Reaches around 150 lumens
  • The XML T6 (most common type of all) – Reaches around 350 lumens
  • The XML U2 - Reaches between 400 - 600 lumens
  • The XM L2 U2 - Reaches between 500 – 700 lumens 
  • The XHP 35 - Reaches around 1500 lumens
  • The XHP 50 - Reaches around 2500 lumens
  • The XHP 70 - Reaches around 3500 lumens

Now if a fake Cree Led is used instead of an original Cree Led, the lumen output will be considerably reduced.

High-end flashlights will be able to get the maximum output out of their LED, so you will see flashlights with the same LED, for example the T6 LED, with different lumens output. To demonstrate this we have tested Seven different popular flashlights in UL Laboratories (a reputable 3rd party testing center), and here are the results. For legal reasons we are not disclosing the brand names of the flashlights which we tested (except those produced by us), just their claimed lumens output and their stated LED Type.

Remember This!!

Verify that your flashlight vendor provides an independent lumen-output lab test. This is the only way to verify the true lumen values a given flashlight can reach.

Powerful Tactical led flashlight

What Else Should You Look For in Your Next Tactical LED flashlight…?

Ok. Brightness is Important. Understood. Now here are other very important factors you should consider before purchasing your next tactical light!

Spread of light

You need a flashlight which has a "good spread" so it lights up a large area thus giving you a wide field of vision. This is vital for example when you are in the woods so you don't have any "blind spots" which could pose a physical danger to you and/or your companions.

The Lens and the internal reflector are important parts of the flashlight. If they are not optimized the intensity of the light may significantly differ between the center of the beam of light to the outer beam of light. The best flashlights will have an even spread of light, lighting up the area evenly.

Powerful Zoom

A Zoom is an important feature of the flashlight; it will enable you light up very large areas in the wide angle position or zooming out to a distant object even 200 meters away, using the flashlight's long distance throw.

Another important feature of the zoom which is rarely found among flashlights, is the ability to zoom in and out using only the hand which is holding the flashlight. This will enable you to hold the flashlight in one hand and a tool or a defensive weapon in the other hand.

Multiple Modes

The flashlight should also have multiple brightness modes. You don't always need it on the brightest setting, so having multiple brightness settings can be a huge advantage if you are working on something close up.

Protection/Self-Defense/Help Mode

Does the flashlight have an "SOS Mode" or a strobe light? If you encounter a dangerous animal or a stranger who seems to pose a threat, the strobe light offers you a "blinding" light to get them to leave the area and to keep you safe.

Small Size & Lightweight

The smaller your handheld flashlight, while still giving you all the above features, the better and more portable the flashlight would be. Small bright flashlights will comfortably fit into the palm of your hand, making them very easy to operate. They will also fit easily into your pocket so you can carry them comfortably around. You can find flashlights which are super bright on the one hand a very small in size on the other hand. They may heat up due to their small size and high powerful so make sure to verify this prior to purchasing the flahlight


Look for a flashlight which will work in any type of weather, especially in heavy downpour of rain. While most flashlights can't stand up to being completely submerged in water, they should be able to stand up to a heavy rain. You would be surprised at the number of flashlights which fail from heavy rain. One of the main reasons leading to this is the lack of a sealing gasket protecting the LED, this will lead to water penetrating the LED and damaging it. Don’t rely on the manufacturers waterproof claims (which are in most cases exaggerated) make sure your flashlight has this vital gasket!

Solid Construction

You need to make sure your flashlight is built from the best materials. It is very easy to cut corners when manufacturing a flashlight making it cheaper but much less durable. So only buy from companies that produce their flashlight from quality material. After all you don’t want you flashlight to fail you just when you need it!

Belt Clip

A quality belt clip which is integrated into the flashlight is rarely found in tactical flashlight, this is unfortunate since it makes it extremely comfortably to carry around, but this is not all. With the belt clip your flashlight is right there when you need it and you can use it quickly in any emergency situation.

Don't Underestimate Good Rechargeable Batteries

Battery Life must be reliable. Nothing is worse than a dead battery in a flashlight. The only thing which is worse is a flashlight that works in an emergency situation, only to fail when you are still in crisis mode. Seek out a rechargeable lithium battery with a run time of at least ten hours. This should allow you to get through difficult situations with your flashlight in full working order. The last thing you need is to stay in complete darkness at the wrong timing

Now, most of you are familiar with the standard 2 aa and 3 aaa batteries and also the 18650 lithium battery which is sometimes even supplied with flashlights (quality of which is very questionable but we will get to it later on). However, the rechargeable 26650 battery is far superior, unfortunately most flashlights are not capable of using this battery. It will give you more than twice the run time of a good 18650 battery. Since many batteries which are supplied with flashlights are not of high quality you will actually be getting with a quality 26650 battery three or even more times the run time than using those 18650 batteries. So Make Sure Your Flashlight Can Operate with a 26650 Battery.

Important Note:
You should know that many chargers and batteries supplied with flashlights are of low quality. Since low quality batteries combined with a low quality charger are dangerous and can spontaneously ignite (see the current recall of all Samsung Note 7 Cell phones due to a problem with the lithium battery causing them to ignite), you must make sure you are using a quality charger which is UL certified and a good quality protected battery.

So make sure your charger is UL certified (compliant with the American Safety Standard) and that it gives you a charging current of at least 1000mA (normally only 500mA) unless you want to wait for many hours to charge your battery.

Now that you know what to look for when choosing a tactical flashlight let’s understand more about them and how they help us in our daily life.

Why Should You Carry a Bright Tactical Flashlight Every day?

Because this is the perfect defensive device in nearly every situation, you DON’T want to find yourself or a family member in. In case you are surprised by a would-be attacker, its blinding light disorients the attacker while the hardened metal body can be used to strike your assailant, causing him to be stunned or rendering him incapable of pursuing you as you seek safety. This type of flashlight has common, everyday uses, but also can be employed to defend yourself if the unexpected should occur.

Tactical Flashlights are Great for Self Defense. Here is why! 

How Can I Use a Bright Flashlight in a Dangerous Tactical Situation?

This may have happened to you, a close friend or it could be the unhappened nightmare which plays out in your head each time you are out at night. You're walking back to your car after a great "girls night out, " and you are alone, but you rationalize it in your head that your car is just "two blocks away" and "you'll be fine." Halfway to your car, what seemed like a safe place to park when you arrived for the evening, now doesn't look so good. The side street you parked to save on the cost of parking is unlit. It is completely dark, and the uneasy feeling takes over your entire body.

Just then, you see out of the corner of your eye something move quickly across the street. You wonder if this was real or your mind playing tricks on you as your heartbeat rate feels as if you are in the middle of your intense cardio workout at the gym, but you are standing still. You can feel the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. Just as you start to calm yourself down, you hear footsteps, but you can't tell in what direction they are. So you begin to rapidly walk towards your car and in that instance, you hear the footsteps quicken as well. You start to look all around you for the person responsible for the echoing set of footsteps when suddenly the sound stops. You let out a sigh of relief, but your pace continues to be rapid as you think you can see the shape of your car in the darkness ahead. Just then, you are struck in the head, and you fall to the ground, and you feel your purse being ripped from your shoulder. You turn to look, and you don't see your assailant or hear their footsteps. They have disappeared into the night. Now you are stuck. Your phone and keys were in your purse, and you have no way of getting home or calling for help.

What could have changed the outcome of the night, besides obviously parking in a better area or having a friend walk you to your car? A mega bright tactical flashlight.

Upon encountering the unlit street, you would have taken out your flashlight, and used an "up and down and sweeping side to side motion" as you walked to ensure the surrounding areas were safe to walk to your car. The chances of you being "surprised attacked" like the example above are small because the assailant uses darkness to their advantage. Your bright tactical flashlight takes away that advantage, and they are likely to wait for someone else. They want to strike and get away quickly, and with a bright flashlight in your hand, this makes an "easy target" less easy.

Tactical Flashlights: Why Are They The Most Underestimated Tool for Family and Personal Defense?

Lately, in the news, there have been stories of people going to prison for shooting their assailant. While shooting someone in the back isn't exactly a case of self-defense, anyone who is being assaulted will tell you that the adrenaline that kicks in shuts down reason in your mind and you could make decisions that you would otherwise not make.

A long prison sentence for "defending yourself" can be brutal, not just to you, but to your family. The addition of a tactical flashlight could not just protect you from harm, but also from a criminal charge.

This is not to say that you should discard the carrying of a handgun for personal protection if you currently do. This is suggesting that you ADD the carrying of a tactical flashlight. Here is why it could help you. In most situations, the level of light during an assault is low. Drawing your handgun and firing accurately is a low percentage chance. Being able to properly identify your target is one of the most basic skills you are taught in handgun training. This is why it is VITAL you carry with you a bright tactical flashlight. Not only for your protection but the protection of the innocent people around you. Can you imagine the lifetime of guilt if you shot and killed the wrong person?

What if you don't carry a handgun for personal protection?

A fact that is unknown by the majority of the general public is the correct use of a flashlight can greatly assist you in even the most difficult of situations. First of all, they can be carried anywhere. No one is going to stop you from taking a flashlight into a crowded movie theater or on an airplane as they would if you tried to take a gun. If you live in an area with strict gun laws, a tactical flashlight is your next best option for personal protection.

I hear all the time the best defense is a handgun. I am not going to bore you with statistics of the percentage of occasions the handgun is taken from you by the assailant and used against. Let me ask you this: is your intent to protect yourself and your well being, or is to shoot a stranger? There are countless stories from the news of many people who have killed an assailant and lived with severe guilt, depression, and some have committed suicide. They could not get over the fact they took another life, even though the law was on their side.

This is why a Tactical Flashlight is a smart choice. It can provide you with the protection you need without the adverse effects. Think about it, if you are attacked, do you think your girlfriend or wife could get into her purse, get the gun properly, turn off the safety, and be far enough away from the assailant to be able to defend herself? Chances are, that won’t happen. However, with the Tactical Flashlight, because of how the grip is designed and manufactured, getting it in “ready position” is easy and then you simply turn on the strobe light which gives your wife or girlfriend what is needed, time to get to safety.

I know what you are thinking. A flashlight? Really? Yes, indeed. Most modern tactical flashlights are very bright. And by bright, I mean it doesn’t just hurt your eyes looking at the light, but it hurts your brain. Now THAT is bright! Remember what I told you about choosing a flashlight, make sure it is really bright with test certificates proving it, there is a huge difference if you strobe someone with a real 1000 lumens flashlight or a with a 300 lumens flashlight (claiming maybe to have 2000 lumens).

If someone is threatening you, all you need to do is flash the light in their eyes and blind them temporarily, and you can safely make your get away, or you could maneuver into position to attack them, rendering them unable to pursue you. You see, a lot of tactical flashlights have beveled edges. The primary purpose of these edges is to allow you to break a window. However, they are also just as effective in cracking a human skull. At the minimum, it would stun them enough for them to “see stars” and give you time to get away safely.

How Do I Use a Tactical Flashlight When I'm Unarmed?

Many people don't want to carry a firearm with them for various reasons. How can you defend yourself adequately? A small flashlight can be used in defense against an assailant. The best place to shine your flashlight on a potential attacker is the most obvious, right in their eyes. Disorientation and possible temporary blindness can occur which can give you enough time to escape the dangerous situation, or if you feel very threatened, allowing you to engage your would-be attacker. Unless you have been properly trained, and by properly trained it means in combative training, your best option is to get away from the situation. Sometimes that means running away like a little girl, and that's okay if that spares you from harm or even death. Engaging with your assailant with little to no training is never a recommended option.

If you have no other option than to engage your attacker, there are some tactics that you can do, even untrained, that can help you get out of a bad situation. First, hold your tactical flashlight firmly and with a quick, hard hit to the assailant's face it should possibly incapacitate him or her long enough for you to get away. Why? The tactical flashlight has a toothed edge which doesn't just deliver a solid blow, but can crack the skull if done hard enough, or daze your assailant. This should be enough for you to flee the situation. Second, focus on delivering low, hard kicks to the shins, groin or knees. You can also use a "scraping" motion with the edge of your shoe from just below the assailant's knee down to his or her ankle. The strobe light function(s) along with blows to his face with the edge of the torch are also effective in this situation as he won’t be able to see them coming with the light shined in his eyes.

Why Should Every Man Carry a Bright LED Flashlight?

For a moment, put self-protection aside as a reason you should bring a flashlight with you at all times. Most people swear by carrying a pocket knife, which is also a smart idea, carrying both a pocket knife AND an extra bright tactical flashlight gives you near complete coverage in both useful and versatile tools you can carry with you.

If you think about situations, you have had over the last month or so, a time where a flashlight on your person could have easily solved your problem, but instead, you were frustrated either trying to find a flashlight or finding one, and the batteries were dead. Maybe it was trying to plug in the new Playstation into the TV, and it was so dark you couldn't see the plugs properly, and your son heard your cuss like a sailor. We've all been there.

Besides the obvious plus of helping you find stuff you drop, connecting electronic equipment, or providing light after a power outage, think of the added confidence you will have when you travel away from your home and have your flashlight with you.

Here are just some of the uses of a tactical LED torch light


Okay, face it, you lose stuff. More than you’d like to admit. At home, it is a little easier, but when you drop something in the movie theater, an airplane, or on the street at night, it can get downright impossible to find it, even though you know “it is so close.” That is where a good flashlight comes in. I see what you are thinking “My phone has a flashlight” and you are right, but how bright is it? Not very. While it is better than nothing in those types of situations, having a tactical torch flashlight will more than pay for it after just one use.

My girlfriend dropped her engagement ring, a $30k ring on the streets of New Orleans, at night. I whipped out my tactical flashlight from my belt clip, and we located it in less than 30 seconds. Her reaction? “Honey, I will never make fun of you with that on your belt ever again.”

And she hasn't. 


It’s a light, of course, so use it. There is no reason EVER to be shy about using your Tactical Flashlight. Let's say you are walking at night, and the area you are walking is not well lit. Your flashlight is perfect to not only give you more light that you need to see properly but also if there is a potential attacker looming nearby, the chances of him bypassing you and waiting for someone else is strong. It is always a good idea to shine your flashlight in the backseat of your car before you enter, especially if you valet park your car. There are times an assailant will hide in your back seat and attack you after you leave and begin your drive home.


After the New Orleans incident, my girlfriend demanded, for her personal security, a tactical flashlight to carry in her purse. Done. Her, along with her girlfriend were walking back to their hotel on a business trip, and they had to pass through a tunnel. The lighting was out, and it was dark. She turned on the flashlight, and her friend responded, “My god, it's like it is day time.” As they turned the dark corner, they were startled by a pan handler. He was probably harmless and just looking for a few dollars, but my girlfriend turned on the strobe feature which immediately made him back away and shields his eyes to allow the two women to pass safely and return to their hotel. Upon arriving, she said to my girlfriend, “What is that flashlight as I am ordering one right now.” There is possibly no greater feeling for a woman than feeling safe in an unfamiliar space.


Sure, the power goes out, a fuse blows, we’ve all been there and invariably, they happen at night. There is nothing worse than tripping on your ottoman that has been in the same spot for the last four years and falling on your face in the dark. Get a flashlight that will be reliable, durable, and also protect you in dangerous situations. What kind of situations? Read on… 


There are situations where you will use your flashlight that you never thought of before. Losing the TV remote is one of them. My kids will take my flashlight and find it quickly. I've even used it to wire the new Playstation, locate the dog's lost ball, and even look down a family member's throat to check for signs of strep throat. Seriously.


When walking your dog at night a good tactical flashlight is your best friend, allowing you to clearly see the path ahead of you. It is small in size so you can easily carry it in one hand and hold the dog’s leash in the other hand. It is also great for safety, some people as I have personally encountered on many occasions walk their dog without a leash and if that dogs decides for any reason to attack your dog you can simply shine the light at strobe mode on the attacking dog, which will give you sufficient time to safely get away and for the dog’s owner to take control over the dog.


Going out at night to a dark back yard is not a pleasant task. You may stumble on something and fall or get hurt. But with a bright tactical flashlight which has a wide even spread of light, you can literally light up your entire back yard. Enabling you to safely walk around at night.


You can find many bicycle headlights to put on your bicycle, but why settle for a dedicated fixed headlight for your bicycle. A tactical flashlight which has a easy clip on bicycle flashlight mount is the perfect solution. You get the power of a tactical flashlight on your bike and once you finish riding your bicycle, you simply click it out of it’s mount and use it as a hand flashlight. A bright light will completely light up your path enabling to safely ride your bicycle at night. If you often ride your bicycle at night and especially if you ride it for long distances, it is recommended to use it with a 26650 rechargeable battery which will enable you to safely use your flashlights for many hours without the risk of running out of battery power in the middle of the road.


I will dedicate for this in the future an entire section, a tactical flashlight is a perfect or should I say a must tool for those of you who love outdoor activities such as Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Mountain Biking. There are four points which are critical when choosing a tactical light for outdoor activities:

Made of Quality Materials – This is to ensure your flashlight will fail you while you are out in the woods at night.

Bright Flashlight – Since you’re in a totally dark area, you completely rely on your flashlight and you need to make sure your path or the area where you are camping is properly lit up, this can only be accomplished if you have a truly powerful light.

Waterproof – Don’t go out with a flashlight that doesn’t have a protection for both the LED and the battery compartment. If water penetrates either the battery compartment or the LED there is a good chance they will be damaged and you will stay in the dark. The IPX ratings which manufactures publish should not be relied on, unfortunately some manufacturers and many of the cheaper tactical flashlight manufacturers over state the real IPX values.

Belt Clip – You need a flashlight handy in all times and a good belt clip is exactly what is needed to make sure you will have your flashlight handy for immediate use, without needing to start looking inside your backpack where exactly you put it.

Below you will find answers to questions which are commonly asked about tactical flashlights

Are Tactical Flashlights Legal To Own and Carry?

Of course, they are and carrying them is legal as well. Many people want to know if they can be taken on board a commercial airline and it depends if your tactical flashlight has a beveled edge which could pose a threat as it can be used as a striking device. Check with the airport you will be flying out of, and the best course of action is to store it in your checked luggage.

What is EDC and How does it Relate to Tactical Flashlights?


The term EDC refers to Every Day Carry, and it applies to items that you would, mainly carry every day. Of course, your wallet and smartphone would be included. So could a pen. Those just make sense. Others that you could include would be a flashlight, a toolkit, notebook, and a Swiss Army Knife, or possibly a larger knife depending on the local laws.


An EDC (also referred to as an Every Day Carry) kit is the set of items that you would carry with you everywhere you go. Most people take their keys, phone, and wallet. You can add to this "kit" to be more safe and secure.


An EDC knife would be something you'd pack along with other everyday carry objects. EDC items should be lightweight, compact, durable, and can do more than one thing, so you don't have a massive kit taking up too much room. You need your EDC kit to be easy to carry or conceal in a pocket, on a belt, or in a bag. Too often, people carry the wrong equipment which makes walking uncomfortable and sitting a near impossibility.

Most EDC kits don’t include a flashlight which is a major mistake as it is one of the devices we can remember often using when we grew up. I can remember my years growing up in California, and we had a flashlight that was stored in the top drawer in the kitchen. It was easy to find, especially in the dark when the power went out.

I also remember when my dad bought me my own flashlight to keep under my bed for emergencies. He did the same for my sisters. I remember sneaking the flashlight out with my friends and how cool I felt having it as we could see so much better as we snuck around the neighborhood late at night.

Those flashlights were powered by a couple of D batteries, and the only way to carry them was in your hand, as you couldn’t put them in your pocket because they were so bulky. Flash forward to today and LED technology which allows for smaller, lighter weight flashlights which have brighter output and you can attach them to your belt for everyday use.

Where Can You Mount a Tactical Flashlight?

You can mount your tactical flashlight on your bike (if you buy it with a professional mounting bracket) or mounting it to your rifle to give you solid coverage when hunting at night, or to protect yourself from an attack from either an animal or another person.

Can a tactical flashlight be used as a Bicycle Headlight?

A small powerful Tac flashlight, preferably with a 26650 battery option, can easily become a rechargeable bicycle light if it's be purchased with a professional bicycle light bracket, so if you like biking after sunset – a truly powerful real 1000lm flashlight will light up your path and make other bicycle riders in your vicinity look like their cycling in the dark.

Which Tactical Flashlight Should You Buy?

Depends on your needs, but in most cases a real 1000lumens flashlight with good waterproof ability, zoom, small size and preferably with 26650 capability can be an excellent choice for you.

Where Can You Buy The Best Tactical Flashlight For The Best Price?

Their are many cheap flashlights, the trick is finding the best one to buy out of them, so look at the specs, ask question and also look at reviews, but don't just reviews for purchasing a flashlight

You can find tactical flashlights in large stores like Bright Guy, Walmart, Dealxtreme and home depot or online stores such as Amazon and eBay

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