Christmas Sale ZR1 Charger & Battery Kit

Brightex ZR1 Fast Charging Lithium Battery Charger with High Quality 2200mAh 18650 Lithium Battery

18650/26650 Lithium Battery Charger with High Quality High Capacity Real 2200mAh 18650 Lithium Battery

Designed to take your Brightex flashlight to the next level, the ZR1 Lithium Battery Charger provides fast and safe charging, ensuring you have a fully charged battery ready when you need it.

Brightex ZR1 Pro Fast 26650/18650 Charger with 2200mAh 18650 Battery

Brightex ZR1 Pro Fast 26650/18650 Charger with 2200mAh 18650 Battery

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Why you should upgrade your Brightex with the ZR1 Lithium Battery Charger:

  1. Super-fast charging: With 1000mA of power, you won’t be waiting hours for your battery to charge.
  2. High capacity Protected 2200mAh battery included: So you get the best battery life and brightest light.
  3. Safe Charging: With UL certification, reverse polarity protection and flame resistant materials, you can use this charger with peace of mind.
  4. Smart Charging Technology: When your battery is fully charged, the ZR1 will shut off to prolong your battery’s life.

The Perfect Addition to your Flashlight – The Brightex ZR1 Ultra Fast Lithium Battery Charger & High Capacity 18650 Protected Battery

  1. Safe Charging:

  2. UL Certified:
    One of only few chargers which are UL Certified (Compliant with the American Safety Standard). Lithium batteries are very useful and we use them for every day uses such as the batteries in our cell phones. But low quality chargers or batteries are extremely hazardous since lithium batteries on rare occasions can spontaneously ignite. This is exactly the problem with some of the Samsung Note 7 cell phones which have been recalled due to this problem. So Don’t Play Games with Safety!! Get only a charger which is UL Certified!!!

    Reverse Polarity Protection:
    The ZR1 Lithium Battery Charger is reverse polarity protected, making sure your battery will not be charged if mistakenly placed the wrong way in the charger. This is extremely important since reverse charging can seriously damage your battery which can substantially shorten your batteries life or even worse than that.

    Fire Retardant Materials
    The ZR1 Charger is made of Fire Retardant Materials. This is another important safety feature of this incredible charger. In the eventuality that you charge in it a defective battery causing the battery to ignite, the fire retardant materials of the charger will prevent it from catching fire. The cheap regular chargers usually supplied or given as part of a kit are made from simple plastic that unfortunately can easily catch on fire creating even a bigger fire hazard.

    Trickle Charging
    Trickle charging system which the ZR1 charger uses, makes sure that your battery is not over charged. Once your battery is close to being completely charged, the charger will automatically switch to trickle charging. The simple chargers will continue charging your battery risking them to an overcharge which can substantially damage them or even worse than this

  3. Ultra Fast Charging

    The ZR1 Charger is a powerful 1000ma charger, while the standard charging current is only around 500ma this charger powerful charger will cut your charging time by half!!! Saving you hours of wasted charging time. So if your time is valuable to you, don’t compromise on a cheap slow charger.
  4. Charges both the 18650 and the 26550 battery

    High-end flashlights such as the Brightex flashlights, will enable you to use the flashlight also with the powerful 26650 battery, so we made sure that the charger that you get will be able to charge both the 18650 battery and the 26650 battery. Saving you the need to purchase two different chargers,
  5. High Capacity Protected 18650 Battery

  6. Real High Capacity 2200mAh 18650 Battery
    Your ZR1 lithium battery charger comes packed with a powerful high capacity 2200mAh 18650 lithium battery. Now you will find many lithium batteries that state on their labels high capacity values, unfortunately just like lumens rated on flashlights, many of these claims are not realistic and you end up with a battery that will only last you a short time between chargers. So make sure that your battery as a real high rated capacity like the one you will be getting with the ZR1 Kit!

    Protected Battery
    Your safety is important to us, so in addition to the reverse polarity protection your lithium battery charger has, also your 18650 is reverse polarity protected. Giving you an additional layer of protection.

Brightex is detected to give you the best possible product. A product that is Safe to use and that will give you the performance you expected to get from it. 

We back up our claim with our full 60 day no questions asked Money Back Guaranty

Simply press on the Add to Cart Button and upgrade your flashlight with the battery and charger you deserver!


Powerful & Compact Flashlight

Brightex ZR1
FORGET those low quality lithium batteries & chargers! Don't play games when it comes to safety! You want a High Quality rechargeable Lithium battery with a POWERFUL Speedy charger which is also SAFE to use, AND that also protects your battery if you put it the wrong direction.

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