Brightex UM1 Pro Universal Bicycle Flashlight Mount Braket, 360 Degree Rotation

Universal Bicycle Flashlight Mount Braket

Designed with you in mind, the UM1 Bicycle Mount is simply the best way to bring the power of a Brightex light to your ride, providing unparalleled visibility so you can see everything ahead, and everyone can see you, making your ride safer.

Brightex UM1 Pro Universal Bicycle Flashlight Mount 360° Rotation

Brightex UM1 Pro Universal Bicycle Flashlight Mount 360° Rotation

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Designed With You in Mind

  1. 360° Rotation: Allowing you to point your Brightex exactly where you need to see.
  2. Easy Mount and Release: Because nothing is more frustrating than fumbling with gear when you’d rather be pedaling.
  3. Rubber Padding: To protect your Brightex and handlebar, as well as provide shock resistance in the event of a crash.
  4. Versatility: The UM1 mount fits all flashlights with a diameter of 1.2” - 1.4” so you can use your backup if you forget your Brightex


Bike Flashlight Mount

Brightex Um1
With so many unique, beneficial features to offer, Brightex Bike Flashlight Mount are truly a cut above the rest. Just press on the link above to get your Brightex Bike Flashlight Mount.

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