Brightex Flashlights in UL Laboratories and here are the results

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Lumens Tests Results:


Summary of UL test results


Results for 5 Popular Flashlights


Claimed Lumens

LED Used

Actual UL Lab Test Results

700 Lumens


166 lumens

900 Lumens


281 lumens

900 Lumens


412 lumens

1000 Lumens


331 Lumens

1200 Lumens


319 Lumens


So the average lumens output of the four XML T6 Led type flashlights is only…335 lumens!!

And if a fake CREE led is used you will get much less!!


Click to view the full report of all 5 flashlights


Does it have to be like this? The answer is NO. At Brightex, we believe in honest advertising and in "what you see is what you get" kind of approach. We want to provide our customers with nothing less than total satisfaction. That's why we never claimed to provide more Lumens output than what our own tests show, and now it's also official. Here are the Brightex flashlights UL test results:


Brightex Flashlights



Claimed Lumens

LED Type

UL Labs Lumens Results

Brightex FL11

600 Lumens


599.5 Lumens

Brightex XR-700

700 Lumens

XM L2 U2

704.3 Lumens


Here are the full test results of the Brightex FL11 Flashlight and the Brightex XR-700 Flashlight


Why do all those "1000" or even "2000" Lumen flashlights produce only 335 lumens on average?


When you look at the CREE table below (taken from CREE's website) you'll see that the popular XML T6 Led with 1000mA current (which most flashlights use) has a maximum output of only 388 lumens!! But even if a 2000mA current is used (which is very rare) you will only get 692 lumens. Not even close to the "1000" lumen claims. If you also consider the fact that some manufacturers use a fake CREE LED - you can easily understand why the average lumens output tested was only 335 lumens!  


popular XML T6 Led with 1000mA current (which most flashlights use) has a maximum output


So what can you expect to get from each LED type?

  • XML Q5 LED - Around 150 lumens
  • XML T6 (most common type of all) – Around 335 lumens
  • XML U2 - Between 400 - 600 lumens
  • XM L2 U2 (The most advanced Cree LED) – Between 500 – 700 lumens




  • Before buying your next flashlight, read the small letters: check out the LED type that the flashlight comes with and you'll have a rough estimate on the ACTUAL lumens output you can expect to get.
  • Most flashlights use an XML T6 led and you can expect to get an output of 335 lumens, on average.
  • Avoid purchasing a flashlight with exaggerated lumen claims. Your best bet is to stick to manufacturers that back up their claims with official lab-test results.


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