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We want to ensure you have the best possible experience using your Brightex. To get started right away, watch our Quick Start Video below:

XR-700 Pro Tactical Flashlight Kit Instruction Guide

Our Brightex XR-700 Pro Kit User Manual & Instruction Guide will teach you everything you need to know about your new XR-700 Pro Kit Flashlight.

FL11 Tactical Flashlight Instruction Guide

IMPORTANT NOTE: All flashlights sold as of January 2016 have a 4xAAA battery adapter and therefore do not have the aluminum adapter. This unique adapter enables you to get 600 lumens output out of the flashlight when using only AAA batteries.

Our Brightex FL11 Instruction Guide will teach you everything you need to know about your new FL11 flashlight.

  • How to get the brightest, 600 lumen light out of your FL11 Brightex
  • The 5 lighting modes available, and how to use them
  • Operating the powerful x2000 zoom
  • Using different battery types with your Brightex, such as AAA or lithium

More Questions?

If you still have questions about your Brightex, have a look at our FAQ or contact us.

Enjoy your Brightex!

The Brightex Team

BRIGHTEX XR-700 Pro Kit New Tactical Flashlight

XR-700 Pro Kit w/18650

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BRIGHTEX XR-700 Tactical Flashlight

XR-700 Pro

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