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2017 Black Friday – Sale Ads and Special Deals!

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is around the corner and here is information that will help you get the best deals on the coming Black Friday Sales!


What is the Origin of Black Friday Sales Day?


Black Friday is a term used to represent mega money saving shopping, context originally emanated from a disruptive pedestrian and vehicle movement that usually occurs in Philadelphia on the day after Thanksgiving.


The term dated back to 1961, it is currently used in the business world as a shopping day in which large discounts are given to customers driving a huge amount of sales on this day. The specific Friday that is termed black Friday is usually the fourth Friday of November every year. It is viewed as the beginning of the Christmas Gift shopping season.


Are the Black Friday Discount Ads Genuine?


Black Friday deals are one-off as they come with significant discount. Some shops offer as much as 50% discount and some even more. The queues in the shops are often unprecedented in length, due to the high demand; shops are opening their stores at extremely early hours of the day. In 2016 some shops opened for sale as early as 12 am, and some at 4 am.


You should be aware that extreemly large discounts or for that matter every discount given has to be varified whether the end price is realy the best price of the product you want to purchase. Some shops will increase their retail price a few days preceedignt to Black Friday in order to enable them to give a simingly large discount on Black Friday, so as to attrack buyer to buy from them.


Here at Brightex you can count on getting the best prices on Black Friday the discounts are genuine and are only valid on this day, so don’t miss the opportunity to get you Powerful Brightex Flashlights (XR-700 Series, FL11 Series or the Bicycle Light Series) at incredibly low prices – PLUS SHIPPING IS FREE!


  • 5 starOriginally bought 2 of these as Christmas gifts for my brothers. I was so impressed with them that I ordered 10 more as gifts for other family members… Everybody was delighted with their quality and brightness and I couldn't be happier. I don't see how the bang for the buck ratio could be any better. These flashlights deliver as advertised. (Read More)

Do Walmart, Kohl S, Macy's, and others have Online Black Friday Sales?


Yes you can, you can benefit from the 2017 black Friday deals both on Online and Physical traditional retail stores. Stores such as Walmart offer incredible Black Friday savings. For example in 2014, Walmart had up to 22 million shoppers in their store.


Walmart for example offers a 1-hour savings sale during Black Fridays. They usually display the eligible products also on their website, though in most cases not all the sales that you will find in the stores themselves will be presented also in their websites. Walmart does not price match. The price match is often depending on the terms that their affiliate stores offer as well as Walmart.


However, what Walmart ensures is that the eligible items are guaranteed to be available in their store. The 2017 Black Friday Sale will soon be available, so don’t missout on this one day sale event.


It is recommended to do some research before this day to check what gifts for example you would like to buy and once you know what it is you are looking for, where it is sold and the base retail prices, you can now wait for Black Friday and when the time comes look for these items and purchase it for the best price.


Are there Black Friday Sales on Amazon and eBay?


Amazon and eBay offer black Friday sales discount as well. However you should be aware that most of the items sold on these websites are sold by sellers which use these platforms to sell their goods on it.


Amazon does have items which they sell themselves and will promote them on Black Friday, however Amazon setup its own special sales day which is Prime Day in July and since this is their unique day they don’t have any competition from other sellers making it a much better sales for them than Black Friday.


For sellers they can give a discount on specified items either through a price reduction or a coupon. However you won’t see it as a Black Friday discount it will simply appear as a discount on this day.


You may run into ads directing you to Amazon and giving you large discounts on this day.


You should be aware that when purchasing on these platforms since there are so many sellers there trying to sell their items it is extremely if not impossible to know which of them is selling a quality item and which is selling a product of questionable quality. Reviews unfortunately can easily be bought now days so you can’t rely also on this to verify the products quality and real value.


Specialized stores like Brightex that have their products, in this case powerful tactical flashlights, manufactured to their specification (Don’t just put their label on a standard Chinese product) are able to sell high quality products at extremely competitive prices. This combination of quality and price is particularly important when you are giving it as a present to someone. You want to be sure that your present will bring a big smile of joy to your loved one.


Are there Black Friday Sales around the world such as UK & Canada?


Black Friday has grown outside the US not only to places such as UK & Canada but to other countries as well, and it is becoming one the most discounted sales day in the world.


Favorite Items which people buy on Black Friday?


On average, the most popular deals include electronics and some modern gadgets such as Xbox One, PS4, iPhone, Apple watches, as well as automobiles.


Powerful tactical flashlights are becoming a very popular present especially to men and teenagers. The reason for this is that with the recent technology development is it now possible to get from a small flashlight like the one that Brightex produces an extremely strong light output.


However you should be aware that the majority of flashlight sellers do not put the real lumens (light output) levels of the flashlight in their publications, moreover the real values are far less than those states, we have tested in UL Labs 5 such popular flashlights claiming to have around 1000 lumens and in reality they had only around 300 lumens!! Brightex flashlights were also tested and were found to be exactly as advertized 600 lm for the FL11 module and 700 lm for the XR-700 module making them X2 to X3 brighter that the other flashlights which are by the way also significantly larger in size and weight!


The Sweethome website, a New Your Times Company, tested the Brightex flashlights again flashlights from 23 leading brands such as: Maglite, Coast, Nitecore, Streamlight, J5 Tactical, UltraFire, Dorcy!! And found that the Brightex XR-700 was the brightest of them ALL!!


You have a wide range of flashlights to choose from starting from as low as $19.95, so you can buy a bunch of them and still have change left in your pocket.

  • 5 star“I gave five of these lights as Christmas gifts and the charger as well. My 4 men and one women are just delighted” (Read More)

What is Date of 2017 Black Friday?


The 2017 Black Friday deal date will be on the Friday the 24th of November, 2017.

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