Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Men – Your Search is Over!

Christmas Gift Ideas - Your Guide for the Best Gifts for Men!

Christmas Gifts for Men

Christmas is the time for you to be with your loved ones. The time when we give each other gifts as well as share past Christmas memories with family members, buddies, and relatives. Every year we seem to give the very same kind of gift taking the thrill out of opening the Christmas gift. So this year it’s time to get a special and unique gift.

Unique and Special Christmas gifts for your Men


Thinking about giving a Christmas gift that moves beyond that monotonous pair of default slippers and go for an extraordinary and innovative gift. If you are getting something for your dad, brother, husband or maybe your best friends, hopefully, this article could help you select the right gift for him.

Trying to think up a few unique Christmas gift ideas will usually become less difficult with time. It truly doesn't help out if you're trying to think about the Xmas gifts a weekend before Christmas. Planning is thus an important factor enabling you to find the perfect gift.


Everyone understands when they get chocolates from their best buddy, that best friend does not think the same of you as you do of them. Should you buy your dad or mom a box of chocolates, most likely they won't be very satisfied either. Should you spend the exact amount of cash not to mention hunt out an amazing gift that serves a special purpose, however, that could instantly turn out to be the greatest Xmas gift your very own acquaintance has ever laid eyes on. Read on still!

A truly powerful tactical flashlight this is a type of gift your men will no doubly be very happy to get.

  • 5 starOriginally bought 2 of these as Christmas gifts for my brothers. I was so impressed with them that I ordered 10 more as gifts for other family members… Everybody was delighted with their quality and brightness and I couldn't be happier. I don't see how the bang for the buck ratio could be any better. These flashlights deliver as advertised. (Read More)

Where to buy your Christmas gifts?

There are many large chain stores such as: Kmart, Target, Toy R Us, Walmart were you can buy your gifts there, but that would mean in most cases that you will need to spend a lot of time shopping and your local shop may not carry all the gifts you want. You on the other hand can shop online on Amazon or eBay for example but here again you have so many different sellers and so many items that look alike that choosing a truly good one will be a very difficult task and you don’t want to buy a gift that doesn’t live out to its advertizing.

If you want then a truly good present that your man will value, you need to buy it at a specialized store and even better from the manufacturer himself. Here at Brightex we specialize in high quality extremely bright flashlights verified by and independent test lab (so you can be sure you are getting the best present for your men in the house).

Moreover a recent article by Doug Mahoney from "The Sweethome" (part of The New York Times Company), confirmed, after testing flashlights from 23 brands such as: Maglite, Coast, Nitecore, Streamlight, J5 Tactical, UltraFire, Dorcy, that: “The XR 700 was the BRIGHTEST FLASHLIGHT we Looked at”!!

You have a wide range of flashlights to choose from starting from as low as $19.95 so you can buy a bunch of them and still have change left in your pocket.

  • 5 star“I gave five of these lights as Christmas gifts and the charger as well. My 4 men and one women are just delighted” (Read More)

Why to Buy your Christmas Gifts Online?

Don’t wait for December 23rd in the afternoon to go out and find the best Christmas gift/gifts? The stores are crowded, and stress often makes us end up buying anything we lay eyes on.

We want this year to be different. You can search among unique products of designers and craftsmen to find the best Christmas gift. Like we have previously mentioned in this very article, you can now discover more than 3000 products without leaving your room. Can you imagine getting or perhaps buying all your Christmas gifts online? No queues, no crowded stores, no cold.

Moreover when you buy online you have the benefit of the gift shipped to your doorstep and here at Brightex the Shipping is Free, so you have no additional costs over the tag price!

Which are the best Christmas gifts?

Christmas is coming!! And talking about Christmas is talking about gifts, cause for concern because you never know what to give. We are going to help you solve your dilemma every time these dates arrive so that you remain like a real queen.

Brightex Powerful Tactical Flashlight
• AirJamz App-Enabled Bluetooth Music Toy
• Ozobot 2.0 Bit, the Educational Toy Robot that Teaches STEM and Coding
• Bluesmart Smart Carry-On Luggage
• Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl
• Samsung SmartThings Hub
• Two Tumbleweeds Mixology Dice
• KeySmart Compact Key Holder
• Shavetech USB Rechargeable Travel Razor
• KidKraft Vintage Kitchen
• Mpow 3 in 1 Clip-On Lenses
• Timbuk2 Commute Messenger Bag
• Amazon Echo
• Books

Christmas gift ideas for Women (Mom, Wife, Girlfriend)?

Try this year to give as a Christmas gifts, whether it is for your wife, your mother, your daughter, your goddaughter, your sister or a friend, a personalized gift.

Does she love jewelry? The Attrape-Coeur bracelet is a wonderful Christmas gift idea. To store her jewelry, think of offering her a personalized jewel box with her name on it. Surprise her and your will be guaranteed to get a smile from her when she opens the gift!

You will have fun when you spoil and pamper your loved ones by offering them an exceptional moment of relaxation thanks to their name appearing on a special soap and even better a personalized quality towel making it an original and unique gift idea.

Christmas gift ideas for Men (Dad, Husband, Boyfreind)?

This year, under the fir tree, your Christmas gift will make a sensation! Champagne in his name is a sparkling Christmas gift idea and perfect for the holiday season! Monsieur will be filled! You can complete your Christmas gift with engraved champagne cuts, books and a sommelier box in his name. Imagine a personalized collection in his name! Thanks to your original gift idea, he will feel like you have grown your own wine: a prestigious Christmas gift! We know, nothing is too good for them.

As mentioned before one of the greatest gifts to give to him is a real powerful tactical flashlight. You should be careful when purchasing a powerful tactical flashlight most manufacturers extremely exaggerate the amount of light that the flashlight emits and in reality as we demonstrated in UL Labs tests their light level output is only around 200 – 300 lumens. Brightex flashlights on the other hand: the FL11 series has real output of 600 lumens and the XR-700 series has an output of 700 lumens X2 to X3 brighter than other flashlights. It is also smaller and lighter in weight than the other flashlights, making it the perfect Christmas gift.

  • 5 starGave this to my husband for Christmas. He already had tons of flashlights, but this one tops them all! The field of illumination is huge…. He's a first responder & said this light is so much better than what the EMTs & firemen have. One of the best features is its size. It's very light & almost fits the palm of your hand. I highly recommend the Brightex FL11. “ (Read More)

Don’t forget what Doug Mahoney from "The Sweethome" (part of The New York Times Company), confirmed, after testing flashlights from 23 brands such as: Maglite, Coast, Nitecore, Streamlight, J5 Tactical, UltraFire, Dorcy, that: “The XR 700 was the BRIGHTEST FLASHLIGHT we Looked at”!!

You can find cheap low quality flashlights selling from as low as $10 but do you really want to give it as a Christmas gift, when you can purchase the Brightex flashlights from as low as $19.95 PLUS Free shipping?!

What Christmas gift to buy for kids (Boys, Girls, Teens)?

You want to spoil him or her, but you lack ideas of gifts for a child? We have selected for you many Christmas gifts all cute for your cherished children, for a perfect Christmas!

Looking for a gift idea? Here is the ideal Christmas gift idea for the toddler's room: the Club Chair for Kids. Your Christmas gift will delight your toddler, which will be able to relax quietly and bring a happy smile to his face in Christmas Eve.

For the little ones a small personalized Bear with a photo or his name is a Christmas gift that is sure to please him. And if it's his very first Christmas, they're certain unique Christmas gift idea to mark the occasion: the Ornaments "My First Christmas." Your Christmas gift will decorate your baby’s room and introduce baby to the magic of the holiday season.

For Christmas, tell him the story of his first name in an illustrated and personalized book, it is a playful and educational gift that will make him discover the letters of the alphabet and teach him to write his very first word: His pretty name.

If you kids ride a bicycle or enjoy camping or boy scouting than don’t miss on getting them a Brightex tactical flashlight. Their eyes will be full of joy once they try out their new flashlight and your husband will most probably inquire where you got it from since he will want one or two of them for himself.

What Christmas gifts to give to at work (Boss, coworkers) or to your Best friends?

We've got you a small selection of items according to the profiles of your neighbor's office.


A jar to put his pens, notebooks to take notes. Tea, a mug, pods of his favorite coffee. OR A mug of smoking tea that instantly warms your hands. A plant of course! Plants on the desktop can reduce anxiety and increase productivity. OR pretty little cactuses (which also do not require much maintenance.

For your special friends don’t miss out on giving them a Brightex Flashlight they will surely appreciate it and will know that you they are important to you.

You should be aware that any gift to your employees that is $25 or less is tax deductable so a Brightex flashlight selling at $19.95 would enable you to give on the one hand a very valuable gift to your employees which will make them think highly of you and on the other hand you can fully tax deduct the expense.

What Christmas gifts can I make?

If your Christmas list begins to look like a phone book, it's time to consider making your own gifts. Here you will find several easy-to-make crafts that are wonderful homemade Christmas gifts.

• Create a custom journal
• Convert photos into gifts
• Customize a t-shirt
• Make teddies
• Make socks with rice.
• Stitched Gifts
• Make a necklace, and the list is endless

Are homemade/D.I.Y Christmas gifts good?

Instead of going through shops and stores looking for the perfect gift, why do not you do it yourself? Sure the other person will appreciate that you have dedicated your time and your love. Therefore, handmade DIY Christmas gifts are a good idea, people receiving it will love it since, they will know you invested time and energy to make it for them.

What Christmas gifts to buy?

At Christmas, when from everywhere we get the message that we have to spend a lot and very quickly to show our love for the people we love. Here are some of the things your loved ones will like:

• Samsung SmartThings Hub
• Two Tumbleweeds Mixology Dice
• KeySmart Compact Key Holder
• Shavetech USB Rechargeable Travel Razor
• Plant Theatre Funky Veg Kit
• Toys
• Fashion accessories
• Bicycles, scooters, and scooters

But… is it really necessary to spend so much money on a gift? You can spend as low as $19.95 and buy them a powerful FL11 or XR-700 tactical flashlight and they will be the envy of their friends, showing off their extremely powerful flashlight. They will feel you spent at least $100 dollars on it.

  • 5 star “The flashlight is amazing and bright… I saw tactical flashlights at the Gun show that were from $90-$150 that were not near as bright.” (Read More)

When to buy Christmas gifts?

At the end of November Black Friday is celebrated, an American tradition that last year struck almost as much as Halloween. Prices are down almost on everything. So take advantage of this and don’t wait until a few days prior to Xmas day before trying to buy a gift or maybe even gifts for family and friends.

How to make Christmas gifts at home (DIY)?

One great option to keep in mind when it comes to making gifts for Christmas is to get to work ourselves and do it with our own hands. Make a photo album or collage, scrapbook style, with photographs, clippings, annotations, drawings and even glue.

Snowballs in a glass jars. It is very simple to make, you’ll need some figurine, a glass jar, glue to fix the figurines at the base of the jar and artificial snow powder or any material that resembles it. You can always also opt for the elegant option of a letter written by hand and tucked into a sealed envelope of aged paper.

How many Christmas gifts to buy for (Kids, Boyfriend or Girlfriend)?

Parents should agree with Santa Claus and the Magi in advance and "ensure that there is no invasion of gifts. Otherwise, children are put into an experience of consumerism," says psychologist María Jesús Álava.

For example, six gifts, why not ask him if he wants to donate one to another child who does not have? Says Square. Do it or not, at least we'll get him to think about it.

Are Christmas gifts tax deductible (Employees, Clients)?

Expenses on gift for Employees or clients are considered to be deductible from the results of the business if they are under $25. They should be part of the ongoing business.

Note: the tax authority's assessment is made by the nature of the business, its size, the turnover generated by the third party, etc.

In the case of customer gifts that would not be deductible expenses and paid directly by executives who subsequently request reimbursement, they constitute a supplement to the taxable remuneration for the natural person (IRPP). In other cases, the expense is not deductible. During a tax audit, it is necessary to have an invoice as well as the name of the beneficiary.


Before you buy a gift that you find nice, original, amazing, ask yourself a simple question: is this the perfect gift? If you can answer "yes" without hesitation to this question, it is perhaps time to buy it. It all depends on who you plan to offer it to. Some people hate gadgets, because they just accumulate and serve no purpose. The problem with tastes is that that you may not know his or her special desire, so when in doubt, do not hesitate to seek advice from other people close to them.

A useful yet powerful gift as is the case with a tactical flashlight is an ideal gift since it give the person receiving it a sense of amazing power in the tip of his fingers, far more than he has ever expected to have from such a small flashlight and this feeling will bring about a big smile and joy for this special gift. Even if he has already many flashlights the Brightex will outshine them X2 to X3 times making it a perfect addition to his or her flashlight collection.

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