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Actual Brightness Comparison

5 star "Bought other flashlights that claim 1000 lumens... Brightex blows them away SIDE BY SIDE..." (Read More...)

Tactical led flashlight Actual Brightness Comparison

Your Best Choice for Indoor and Outdoor Activities

out door beam - Brightex - Tactical led flashlight
  • 5 starThis company is outstanding and so is their product... I was amazed! I have a 3/4 acre backyard and the wide beam lit up the whole yard! Again Amazed! (Read More...)
  • 5 starYou can't go wrong with this Everyone I've shown this to has had their minds blown... A solid disc of light that causes street signs blocks away to light up like Christmas. I've never had a flashlight like this. As soon as I told my girlfriend the price, she said "Why didn't you buy two!?" (Read More...)
xr-700 zoom Tactical led flashlight
  • 5 starI like flashlights and have a number of them for personal defense. This one is the brightest one I own…the strobe light is great. I had a friend use it on me, I could not see a thing. I love the different levels you can zoom out or in to... I am able to keep track of my dog, who likes to run 3-400 feet ahead of me. With the flashlight I had been using, I had trouble seeing him at that distance. With Brightex, zoomed all the way out, I see him great. So far this is the best flashlight I own... (Read More...)
  • 5 starI am very pleased with this flashlight. I can focus on my shop which is 90 to 100 yds. away or I can light up my whole back yard which is fairly big (Read More...)

5 starIT IS EVERYTHING THEY SAY IT IS! Ok, so at first I was skeptical. I put the Brightex flashlight in my cart three times and for three times stopped just short of completing the purchase. It sounded like a lot of money for a small hand held flashlight. The old axiom that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, kept flashing through my mind. On the fourth try I threw caution to the wind and purchased it. IT IS EVERYTHING THEY SAY IT IS! The flashlight is brighter than any other flashlight in my possession, capable of actually blinding people (Read More)

bright tactical flashlight

FL11 Tactical Flashlight And Battery Charger Bundle

Get the FL11 Flashlight together with the Powerful ZR1 Battery Charger will enable you to get the most out of your flashlight. Don’t miss this great Bundle deal giving you an additional discount when purchasing both items together. Simply enter this coupon code at checkout and you are ready to go.

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Brightex FL11 600 Lumens Tactical Flashlight PLUS a ZR1 Fast 18650/26650 Charger with 18650 High Capacity Lithium Battery BUNDLE DEAL

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Regular price $99.90
Sale price $35.90

Whether you need to light up a whole room or see a distant object in the dark, Brightex has you covered. The FL11 and the XR-700 provide a super-bright light, with 600 real lumens for the FL11 and 700 real lumens for the XR-700 as was tested by UL Labs, 5 lighting modes, and powerful x2000 zoom, so you can get just the right light for any situation, whether you want to flood a large area, or concentrate the beam to see objects up to 600 feet away. All this packed in a compact and lightweight body enabling you to easily operate it using only one hand, and easily carry it with you everywhere. Your Brightex Flashlight was designed based on extensive market research to ensure you get the best user experience. So if you are looking for a truly bright tactical flashlight the FL11 or XR-700 are your best choice!

With just a single touch of a button, you can effortlessly switch between 5 versatile light settings, including Strobe and SOS. With your Brightex flashlight, you will no longer have to guess which mode your light will be in when you switch it on. It’ll start out in high light mode every time.

You won’t even notice you’re carrying it around...

Weighing just 4.1 ounces and measuring just 4.5" long, your flashlight will fit into the palm of your hand. Ergonomically designed, the Brightex is incredibly comfortable and convenient to use. Combined with the included pouch or belt clip, you won't even notice it.

Whether you are indoors or outside, a Brightex flashlight is always your best choice...

Your Brightex flashlight will fit all your needs, with its unique design precisely fitting three different types of batteries. From the standard AAA Alkaline batteries, to the powerful 18650 rechargeable lithium battery, and available super high capacity 26650 rechargeable lithium battery for maximum performance.


No matter what the weather conditions are, the IPX5 waterproof casing on your Brightex flashlight won’t fail you. Your flashlight was manufactured using only the finest quality materials, with a great attention to detail. Brightex flashlights are made with high quality components, starting from Original US LEDs (rather than the fake Chinese copies commonly used in many cheap flashlights), and a high quality switch with a robust copper cylinder spring, packed in an Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum body.

When researching consumer needs, quality issues among our competition were really noticeable. That is why, at Brightex we have put so much effort into providing you the highest quality flashlight, which truly delivers.


With your Brightex flashlight you receive a premium quality, multi-use paper gift box. No more disposing of plastic packaging. This eco-friendly packaging protects the flashlight during delivery and is perfect for storing your flashlight. Alternatively, it looks great as a present for someone you care about.

Moreover, with the rechargeable Lithium battery option you won't need to pollute the environment with old batteries anymore, or waste money on buying new ones.

Small, Lightweight, and Powerful...
Get Your Brightex Today!


  • 5 starMay Just Bet My Life On It A friend, a former U.S. Marine, who has gone with me through those jungles and villages owns a very nice [Brand Name Hidden] light. He loved it until he saw my new Brightex FL11. He is now envious of my light... The perfect size and fit for a tactical light that you would mount on a firearm

  • 5 starUNABASHEDLY RECOMMENDED You'd be hard pressed to find anything brighter. It is 3x brighter than my son's prized tactical flashlight.

  • 5 starMay Just Bet My Life On It A friend, a former U.S. Marine... is now envious of my light... The perfect size and fit for a tactical light that you would mount on a firearm...

  • 5 star"saw tactical flashlights at the Gun show that were from $90-$150... not near as bright"

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